As I was thinking about mother’s day and the most important women in my life, I opened the bible and read the scripture I believe really paints the picture of what a Godly women looks like – Proverbs 31.

As I read, I got to verse 10 and stopped…

“Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?  She is more precious than rubies”

 “She is more precious than rubies”.


On the surface that seems pretty logical.  Of course Godly women are more precious than any material object.  But what was God really saying?  What point was He trying to drive home?  This wasn’t your everyday “Her eyes are as blue as the sky.” This had to have a deeper meaning.

So I wondered…

Exactly, how precious is a ruby?  How rare are they?  How valuable are they?  If I could understand the answer to these questions then I could understand the value God has placed on Godly women.  Since I know nothing about gemstones I needed to research the ruby so I could ensure I valued these great women in my life the same way that God’s describes in Proverbs 31.

Here is what I discovered.

Rubies are formed of a mineral called Corundum, which is the crystalline form of aluminum oxide. This is the same mineral, which forms sapphires, however only when the mineral is colored red, due to the presence of chromium as an impurity in the stone, is it considered to be a ruby. As a result, rubies are very rare, and very valuable, gemstones. 

 As with diamonds, the value of a ruby is dependent upon the 4C’s of cut, clarity, color and carat.  Rubies are extremely rare gemstones, very much rarer than diamonds, and this places a high value on a top quality ruby. 

 Rubies are amongst the hardest gemstones known to man.  Rubies have long been very sought after gemstones and have, for thousands of years, been one of the most valuable gemstones.  It was believed that rubies could predict impending danger by becoming darker. Rubies also symbolize love. 

 Within the gemstone industry, it is a common practice for mined rubies to be heat treated to improve their color and clarity.  Rubies can easily be scratched or scraped by the edge or point of another ruby, as well as by sapphires and diamonds. To minimize the risk of this happening, ruby jewelry should be wrapped individually in a soft cloth.

You’re welcome.  That was your gemology lesson for the week.

This description of the ruby was really impactful to me.  It shows me the extent God values Godly women.  His intentionality to use a ruby as a comparison paints a powerful picture.

Let me explain…

The Biblical, Godly woman has become extremely rare.  You may disagree if you are in church every week and volunteering at serve opportunities in your church community because you are surrounded by these amazing women.  Take some time to look outside of that environment.  Look around at your job, your gym, your child’s school, the playground, anywhere outside of church and I think you’ll find the woman described in Proverbs 31 has become a rare breed in our modern society.

It’s no wonder these women have slowly become extinct.  Our society has created a new version of what a woman should be and has pretty much demonized and ridiculed the Biblical version.  As a woman if you live your life according to the Bible you are told that you are being held back by men and in turn holding back the women’s lib movement.  You are attacked as bad as a Godly man is.  In world’s view you are as outdated as a beeper.

While the woman described in Proverbs 31 is rare as the ruby, she has never lost her value. In fact, she has gained value as with anything that is rare.  Most importantly she is valued highly by God. She has something in her other women don’t have.  She has the Holy Spirit living in her and an unshakable Faith.  It is similar to the 4 C’s of the ruby. God formed her with the clarity to understand His mission for her life.  Her love of God radiates from the inside out and makes her attractive to all she meets.  Her words are carefully measured to speak wisdom, truth, love and life over her family.

It has always been said that women have this crazy extra sense to know or discern when something isn’t right within their family, especially with their children. How many moms’ have woken up and ran to their child’s bedside just minutes before they woke up with a bad dream or sickness?  It’s called a mother’s intuition. Isn’t it interesting that women have this trait and God used a gemstone that was once believed to have the ability to predict impending danger to describe a Godly woman?

Godly women go through many of the same trials and tribulations as other women.   They are put through the fire just like anyone else.  But it’s amazing how a Godly woman comes out of those times. Their Faith in God draws them closer to Him when times are tough.  She looks up when the world tells her she should be looking down.  Those who aren’t close to the Godly woman that is going through a trial likely wouldn’t even know anything was wrong. She keeps her head up not because she is prideful, but because she is keeping her eyes on God.  Like the ruby, when she comes out of the fire she has more clarity and understanding and is more beautiful than before she went in. She allows God to do His work in her.

The Godly woman’s love for her husband and her children are the truest example of God’s love for us.  She makes many sacrifices throughout her life for her husband and her family.  She sacrifices her time, putting aside what she wants to do in order to serve her family.  Many times she sacrifices her education and professional career to stay home and make a career of serving her family.  Many keep a career to help support the family yet still maintains the home.  They are up early and to bed late.  And yes, these ladies sacrifice their bodies through 9 months of pregnancy and many times more than once in their life.  One doesn’t make all these sacrifices for someone unless they really love them. The Godly women’s love for her family is a model of how Jesus loves us.

The Godly woman is tough as nails.  Never mistake her tears as a sign of weakness.  She has a strong Faith in God and she is not ashamed of it.  Yet because of her faith and the way she walks it out, she gets beat up often by a society who views her as a dinosaur that is getting in the way of the new world definition of a woman.  She bears the scratches and scrapes of defending her Faith by the way she carries herself and lives her life in total surrender to God.

I find God’s intentionality in comparing a Godly woman to a ruby very interesting.  I believe God truly wanted us to understand the value He places on Godly women so we do the same.

Last before I close, I would be remiss if I did not mention the 2 women in my life who have shown me the love of a Godly woman.  First there is my beautiful wife Raynell, the queen of my home.  She loved me even when I didn’t deserve to be loved.  When times were tough she didn’t give up, she prayed up.  Second there is my grandmother Rita who has gone home to the Lord.  She instilled Faith in me, introduced me to Jesus and was a model of a Godly wife and mother.  Because of her example, I was able to recognize it very quickly in Raynell when we met.  I am forever blessed because of these ladies.

Men, please take a moment everyday, not just mother’s day, to honor the Godly women in your life.  They truly are more precious than rubies.  We wouldn’t be here without them.

Ladies, I pray each and every one of you had a Blessed and Happy Mother’s day.  Thank you for who you are, what you do and the eternal impact you are having on the world.

Be Blessed My Friends!



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